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Photography by Richard Rydge

Mark Dennett is Keyinception, an Australian freelance composer / producer based in Brisbane. He writes piano, orchestral and electronic music and loves to collaborate with others to realise their projects.


Moving to Australia in 2011 from the UK, he went on to study contemporary music at University of Canberra in 2019. He's been a composer for a variety of projects so far, including writing games music for Studio Kaboom games Space Evader (2019), Spark Light (2019), Raising Hell (2020), VR spy game Bloc-K (2020) and Driving Insanity (2021).


His collaborative approach led to his piano album Another Side, where he collaborated with Brisbane artists Rachel Oliveri, Ayisha Karabasic and Katie Trigg to deliver an art and music score book of the same title. He’s participated in several performance art projects, including writing and performing music for Nancy Cheng’s choreographed dances in 2020, and was commissioned to write music for visual artist Sumile Belle Kaese’s art installation at Metro Arts, Brisbane, in 2021.


In addition to collaborating with others, he is an active member of Switchboard Arts, a Brisbane based non-profit organisation that pulls together musicians, artists and other creatives to reach new audiences through collaborative practice, exhibitions and performances.

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